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Royal Palm: Visit for Lunch

by Jennifer Ordway

Royal Palm is a Thai restaurant in the Roosevelt Neighborhood of Seattle. My husband and I have frequented this restaurant ever since I moved to Seattle in February, 2005. We used to have lunch at Royal Palm at least once a week, and, occasionally, we got take-out dinner whenever we had the urge to eat Thai food. However, Royal Palm has slowly become our least favorite Thai restaurant in the Greenlake/UW campus/Roosevelt neighborhood.

Lunchtime is the best time to try Royal Palm. You can get a combo meal comprised of phad thai and your choice of an entree from the menu, along with jasmine rice and a "house soup" all for around $8. You will definitely be full when you leave, and you'll most likely bring home leftovers. Dinner prices are higher, and the portions are the same as the lunch portions. This is why I recommend Royal Palm for lunch instead of dinner; you can save some money and have you leftovers later in the day!

The food at Royal Palm used to be really good, and their wait staff used to be very helpful. Around the summer of 2006, Royal Palm changed their kitchen staff. We had our first bad meal at Royal Palm at the beginning of that summer. The food has been declining ever since, so I no longer recommend the restaurant to friends. My husband and I do occasionally eat there, and we are pleased with our food and service about 50% of the time. The prices for lunch are reasonable, and that's what keeps us going back every once in awhile. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor so there's a nice view of the Roosevelt neighborhood, but besides that, I don't have many great talking points for the restaurant these days.

I personally liked the "old" Royal Palm much better. When I first moved to Seattle the prices were lower, the staff was friendlier, the food tasted better, and the place seemed like a nice, family owned business. Now there's new restaurant decor, glassware, and menus but these "improvements" made little difference in the dining experience.

Overall, Royal Palm is an ok restaurant for now, and I hope it can become what it once was so I can enthusiastically recommend it once again!

Royal Palm
6417 Roosevelt Way N.E.
Seattle, WA
(206) 523-2400