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Sabai Sabai: Low Prices & Good Food!

by Jennifer Ordway

Sabai Sabai is located near Greenlake in Seattle. I have passed this restaurant many times, but never entered until recently. The lunchtime prices are really cheap: the tab for 2 people came out to just $13 and we were very full when we left! The food came out quickly, and we only saw the server when he was filling our glasses of water or bringing our food. There's nothing to complain about there!

I like my Thai food spicy, so I always ask for the highest amount of spice the restaurant offers. My first time in any Thai restaurant, however, I always choose the second to highest amount of stars because owners seem to take my request as a joke if I ask for the hottest spice. This time when I asked the server made me a little angry when he asked me, "Are you sure, have you been here before?" as though I couldn't handle their spiciness. I felt like that might be a judging remark, but I just smiled and lied, "yes" and he put our order in. When my food came out, it was definitely hotter than any Thai food I've tried and I loved it! When we got our bill for just $13, I was even happier.

Sabai Sabai is good food for the money and if you are in the neighborhood, I'd recommend it.

Sabai Sabai
7104 Woodlawn Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 524-2500